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Dissapearing Card Trick
Added: 13th May 2008
Posted By: Admin
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LITTLE TIP IF YOU'RE FINDING IT HARD: To do this well and without suspicion from your spectators you're going to have to have some kind of movement, i suggest when u bring you hand up towards ur face ( this is the mouvement im talking about) u put ur hand in the position like at 1:07 in the...

Tags: dissapearing card trick
Thumb tip magic Tutorial
Added: 20th May 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 1079
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Learn this great close up magic secret

Tags: thumb tip magic tutorial
Types Of Card Cuts
Added: 25th May 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 1144
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Learn how to complete a few type of legit cuts. This video is excellent for beginners or people who are card illiterate. I won't be teaching any false cuts because I don't want any of my viewers to be shot at a cash game. I will be teaching a Table Cut, Multiple Table Cut, Swing Cut, and...

Tags: card cuts Charlier Swing
Bar Trick remove lighter under bottle
Added: 14th June 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 1085
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a tutorial for a great bar trick to remove a lighter from under a bottle without tipping the bottle over

Tags: bar trick lighter bottle
How to produce smoke from your fingertips
Added: 25th June 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 887
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A great video that teaches you this great magical secret

Tags: magic smoke
Multiplying Money Illusion Magic Trick Revealed
Added: 24th January 2009
Posted By: mick
Views: 2218
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See the multiplying money illusion magic trick revealed

Tags: Multiplying Money Coin
How to Do Basic Inside Loop Yo-Yo Tricks
Added: 9th May 2009
Posted By: mick
Views: 1242
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Learn how to do the basic inside loop Yo-Yo trick with expert tips on Yo-Yo's and looping tricks in this free Yo-Yo video

Tags: Inside Loop yoyo Tricks