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Derren Brown Subliminal Advertising
Added: 14th May 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 952
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Derren influences two guys who work in the advertising industry

Tags: derren brown Subliminal nlp
How to pay for anything with blank paper
Added: 14th May 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 1937
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Derren has a wallet with blank paper. He pays with this blank paper and gets whatever he wants. This doesn't work all the time as you will see :)

Tags: nlp pay paper money derren brown
Hypnotize Yourself FOR REAL
Added: 23rd June 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 1681
Comments: 0

This should actual hypnotize you. There is no surprise at the end which will scare you (i hate those) but it really depends on your ability to be hypnotized. Tryt his out, see if it works

Tags: Hypnotize
Floating Card Tutorial
Added: 25th June 2008
Posted By: KildridMagician
Views: 1512
Comments: 0

A pretty nice effect, works with both Bills and cards. As used on PubTricks!

Tags: floating card, levitating card
Amazing Hypnosis Makes You Drunk!
Added: 3rd February 2009
Posted By: JonRhodesUK
Views: 2552
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This hypnosis video can actually make you feel drunk. Try it, this really does work!

Tags: hypnosis, drunk, drink, intoxicated, high
How To Do The Around The World Yo-Yo Trick
Added: 9th May 2009
Posted By: mick
Views: 392
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How to do the around the world Yo-Yo trick in this free video on Yo-Yo basics

Tags: Around The World yoyo Trick