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Card Tricks - Random
card trick
Added: 16th May 2009
Posted By: earlone
Views: 1738
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card trick

Tags: earlone20
Cross Twist
Added: 26th January 2009
Posted By: MagicOkram
Views: 2223
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Very goog color change

Tags: Cross twist,magic trick,card trick,cool card trick
Secret of the Fantastic Five Magic Trick
Added: 6th April 2009
Posted By: mick
Views: 2118
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Learn the secret behind the fantastic five card trick in this free video

Tags: Fantastic Five Magic Trick card
one handed fan change tutorial
Added: 1st March 2009
Posted By: mick
Views: 1073
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tutorial for a one handed fan change - a great card trick

Tags: fan change card trick
Whats Up Card Trick Tutorial
Added: 14th February 2009
Posted By: mick
Views: 1351
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Card trick tutorial easy great and amaze your best friends

Tags: card trick
Card Catch Magic Trick Tutorial
Added: 20th May 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 1094
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This video teaches you how to do an easy card trick that is very impressive. All you need is a regular deck of playing cards to perform it. Have fun and go amaze some people

Tags: magic card catch tutorial
Math Card Trick
Added: 4th January 2010
Posted By: mick
Views: 2577
Comments: 3

a tutorial for a math card trick magic trick

Tags: math card trick tutorial
Flipping Move Flourish amp Card Reveal
Added: 25th May 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 799
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Learn a fun flourish and card reveal. Its called Louis Simonov's Flipping Move. Its a nact, and by dropping the hand down and moving it slightly to the left, the gravity and air pressure will flip the card over. When revealing the card on the table, move the hand away the the card will drop on...

Tags: flipping flourish card reveal
Beginner Magic 3 Card teleport
Added: 20th May 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 1154
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Tutorial of Basic card teleport

Tags: magic teleport card